Grand Slam Host (GSH) is a website hosting company that is wholly owned by PTR member John MacDonald.  GSH, which is based near Atlanta, Georgia, offers the most features and best personal service of all appreciable hosting companies – guaranteed.

With a degree in physics, emphasis in electronics, John owns what has to be the most reliable website hosting company in the United States.   His company’s servers are located in Los Angeles, Atlanta & New York City.  Specializing in WordPress web sites, John hosts and maintains several large corporations’ websites on his servers.  It’s these websites that pay the majority of the bills that allows you, my tennis pro friends and their clubs, to enjoy this amazingly reliable and feature rich web hosting service at extremely reasonably rates.

Here is the epitome of “reliable”:  John’s tech support department has not had a customer tech request or complaint of any kind whatsoever since 2014!  He refers to his tech guys as the “Maytag repairmen” of website hosting.  (Anyone else remember the Maytag repairman?  “The loneliest man in town.”)

Why John was chosen by three major corporations to host their sites is really simple to figure out:  John is very proactive with his servers.  As such, his tech support department has had only lost password request and zero technical support requests or complaints between 2014 and 2017!

Think WordPress may not be right for you?  Here are a few companies whose websites use WordPress:

  • Walt Disney
  • New York Times Co.
  • LA Times
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • eBay
  • New York Times Newspaper
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • General Motors
  • Nikon
  • Coca-Cola
  • CNN
  • People
  • Dole
  • IBM
  • Forbes
  • LinkedIn
  • NASA
  • Great Southern Corporation
  • Izod
  • Harvard Business Review
  • 27% of all websites are built and run with WordPress.

A few facts about Grand Slam Host:

● For beginners to advanced website builders, clubs and small companies
● Except for lost passwords, GSH has had no support requests in the last four years
● Free “Little green lock” SSL security for every website
● All servers are state-of-the-art and are housed in world-class data centers.
● Each server features ultra high speed connectivity to the Internet
● Low load per server
● The “famous” webs hosts cram their server with 100,000+ websites
● GSH servers always has fewer than 100 websites per server
● GSH features WordPress, the world’s most popular website building system
● Free WordPress installation using your domain name
● It’s extremely easy to customize your own WordPress website
● Free installed hardening and state-or-the-art security for your website
● Free technical assistance
● Exemplary & proactive 24-7-365 server management
● Automatic, daily off-shore back ups
● Automatic security and WordPress component updates

We do not actively monitor any small business, club or individual’s use of:

  • disk space
  • bandwidth
  • compute cycles per week or month
  • the number of databases you use
  • cPanel mailboxes
  • number of forwarding email addresses

Our hosting plans include cPanel access, fully featured email (POP, IMAP & webmail), and many other great features that every other web hosting company provides.

We do not actively monitor the disk space, bandwidth or the number of databases, mailboxes, forwarders, etc. of small businesses, clubs & individuals.  

GSH does all of this for one easy price:  $48 per year with a pro-rated money back guarantee at any time during the year (no prior notice required).  All hosting is subject to acceptance by GSH and hosting may be cancelled by either party without providing a reason.

GSH credits its over 20 successful years in business to personal service, a higher quality product, personal service by email and telephone and a demonstrated 99.999% uptime.

“I didn’t invent the Internet… I just improved its web hosting with Grand Slam Host.” John MacDonald