I enjoy golf, but I stay in shape by teaching and playing tennis, which I got into literally by accident (broken arm playing h.s. football). After a successful college tennis career, I played tennis professionally for a few years albeit at a level that was not quite at the pinnacle of the game.

I have enjoyed a number of years as a tennis club owner and teaching pro. I was a school administrator, but I taught a LOT of tennis lessons after school and on the weekends.


Most of my free time now is spent with Debbie trying out a new restaurant, walking on Fernandina Beach with “The Boys,” sitting around our backyard fire pit at “the farm” in Georgia, playing golf with my two son-in-laws or just hanging out at the huntin’ club with the guys. On Saturdays in the fall months, you’ll more than likely find us watching football games whether it’s at home or on the road somewhere.